Slow Riding Skills Seminar

featuring Brian McCracken 006 Barrie

Motorcycle training1.png

Anyone can ride in a straight line. Worried about u turns, parking lot issues, cars cutting in front of you? Come out and enjoy 2 fun filled hours while taking your own Riding Skills to the next level. Brian from the 006 is bringing his Slow Riding Seminar on the road to the Sudbury Rally.  Definitely fun, no reason to be nervous and you just might pick up a few techniques that might save your life.  All skill levels of riders welcome.


Brian has been bringing these skills to his CMC family for about 6 years and looks forward to helping everyone find their next level.

Course speed is between 5 – 10 mph.


This teaches you the skills for those u turns, tight cornering, obstacles suddenly appearing in front of you  and understanding how 3 techniques change everything for your riding habits.

Location and time TBD

Riders that complete the course will have the opportunity to make a donation and receive the CMC Slow Rider Patch.

CMC 006 Slow Ride Patch Revised v4.png